Beauty Favourites Summer 2017

ProductsSome new beauty favourites have been piling up recently that are especially good for these super hot days that I want to share with you.GuhlAfter a long day at work and out and about there’s nothing more satisfying than taking a super cold shower followed by drinking a tall glass of ice tea. It gets even better when you wash your hair with some refreshing and deliciously scented hair products by Guhl. For that hollywood-glamour volume look give Guhl’s Langzeit Volumen Shampoo a try. My all-time favourite hair product that I use everyday is a good leave-in conditioner spray. Currently I’m loving the Tiefen Aufbau Intensiv Sprühkur. RocherAfter you’ve washed your hair thoroughly don’t forget to wash your skin with Yves Rocher’s new Concentrated Shower Gel. Yves Rocher embraced the motto “Less is More” with this amazing product. The shower gel is concentrated into a four times smaller bottle while still lasting for the same amount of uses (40x). Additionally to saving a lot of material Yves Rocher also has one tree planted with every concentrated shower gel sold. You won’t just be doing your body a favour but also the environment. MigrosAfter you’re done cooling off and ready to get that tan going don’t forget to use the Sun Look Sport Protect Sun Spray and the Zoé Sun Face Fluid Age Protect both with SPF 30. The Sun Spray is easy to apply and will protect you from UVA and UVB rays. The Age Protect especially protects the sensitive skin in your face from ageing prematurely as well as slightly matting your look. LauderLastly one of the most important things to keep that skin looking flawless is a good face cream such as the Estée Lauder Daywear Matte Oil-Control Anti-Oxidant Moisture Gel Creme. This face cream specialises in getting rid of that horrid oily shine by matting the skin. Whilst making your skin look great on the outside it is also helping it on the inside by protecting it from free radicals. Make sure to apply it regularly for the best results.

What are your newest favourites?


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