Artistry & I Am Skin Care Haul

I had often heard about the brand Artistry but had never tried any of their products myself up until now. I got a bunch of their skin care products which I’d like to show you today. While we’re on the subject of skin care I’m also going to show you two great new products from I Am Natural.
First of all I’d like to talk about Artistry’s Essentials line which consists of products that should help make your skin care routine easier, quicker and more effective. The products work both for oily and dry skin with the main ingredients being cucumber, chamomile or blue lotus. The concept of the Essentials line is that you have only two steps in your day and night skin care routines. The scent of the products are natural, fruity and have a slight hint of herbs. The three products you see above are the Makeup Removing Wipes, the Gel Cleanser and the Light Lotion. I’m a huge fan of makeup wipes and I’ve gotta say that I really like these Artistry ones. They remove the makeup beautifully without leaving my skin feeling irritated. The Gel Cleanser I use with my Philips VisaPure device to get rid of any residue and deeply cleanse my pores. The Light Lotion with chamomile extract hydrates the skin gently. I like how it doesn’t leave the skin looking oily thanks to its zinc pca oil. Those who know me well know that I’m a huge face mask fan. Lucky for me Artistry also sells two face masks. The Deep Cleansing Mask and the Hydra-V Refreshing Moisture Mask. The Deep Cleansing Mask as the name says cleanses the skin deeply and removes any impurities. It should also regulate the skin’s oil. The ingredients that achieve this are white clay from the Amazon basin, kaolin clay and important minerals. The mask feels cool, sort of tingly and super refreshing. The Hydra-V Refreshing Moisture Mask on the other hand is designed to hydrate the skin with the Hawaiian acai berry. Additionally the skin feels smoother and softer after using this mask. Both face masks are a great addition to Artistry’s Essential line. Besides their skin care products Artistry also has a large collection of makeup products such as this Blush. The blush goes on nicely and has a good amount of pigmentation. The color unfortunately isn’t quite my tone but apart from that it’s a high quality blush which I can recommend.As promised I’m also going to highlight two of I Am Natural’s skin care products as well. I Am Natural is a sustainable line which contains natural and organic ingredients. These two products are from their new clear line which focuses on blemished skin. The products contain mineral clay, zinc and cranberry fruit acid which help balance the skin and reduce pores. The Clarifying Wash Creme cleanses the skin and prevents and reduces blemishes thanks to it’s antibacterial properties. The Hydrating Fluid has antibacterial and hydrating properties resulting in clear and smooth skin.

What is your skin care routine?