Alessandro Colour Explosion


Although November is nearly over I’d still like to honour the world vegan day which was on 1st November with this post about Alessandro’s vegan 7-free Colour Explosion nail polishes. The 7-free award means that the nail polishes are vegan and don’t contain parabens, formaldehyde, DBP, xylol, camphor, formaldehydharz and toluol. The Colour Explosion line has a variety of 99 different colours so you will never get bored! 🙂 Besides showing you the three colours Got The Blues, Nude Elegance and Classic Red I will also talk about Alessandro’s Gel Top Coat Gelactic, Nail Polish Speed Dry, Cuticle Remover Gel and their cute Xmas Tree Manicure Glitter File.


In the image above you can see the shade Got The Blues which is a gorgeous blue shade. All Alessandro polishes have very good coverage so I always only need to apply one coat or a maximum of two. The polishes have a round brush which makes it super easy to apply and they also dry fairly quickly which is a major plus. Most are very shiny but if you want to go the extra mile make sure to apply a coat of the Gelactic Gel Top Coat as I have in all three images. As with all the polishes the quality is very high and the gel finish is super shiny. Another benefit of using it is that the polish will last even longer because of its wear-boosting-technology.


Here you can see the shade Nude Elegance. This is one of the few Alessandro polishes where I had to apply two coats. Personally this colour is a bit too natural for me as I prefer super colourful nails but if you want to go for a neat and clean look then this is the shade for you.classic-red-copy

In this image I am wearing Classic Red which is quite a bright shade. It somewhat reminds me of a Christmas red so it’s absolutely perfect for this time of the year.

Before applying any of the polishes I always like to clean up my cuticles with the Cuticle Remover Gel. It removes excess cuticle and calluses around the nails quickly and gently. With the XMas Tree Manicure Glitter File you can create the perfect shape before applying the polish. It’s also a great little Christmas present by the way. 🙂 Another trick of mine is to use the Nail Polish Speed Dry spray. I don’t know about you but I just hate waiting for eons until my nail polish is finally dry and I can get on with my day. With this handy spray you can cut that wait a lot shorter.

What is your favourite nail polish colour for the festive season?


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