Advent Skin Care Favourites

Just in time for the beginning of advent I’d like to share with you another skin care favourites post. This time I’ll be focusing on keeping the skin healthy, happy and hydrated during these cold and dry days where a little warmth and glow can never go wrong.A big part of my skin routine and especially in winter are face masks which is why I want to show you not one, not two but six different face masks for any type of need your skin might have. First up are the two new Zoé Cleansing masks which are available at Migros. They have quite a cool concept as you use them to multi-mask. Most of the time our skin isn’t in the same condition all over the face which is why one face mask just won’t do. That’s where the two different Zoé masks come in. Apply the green mask (with fruit acid) to the T-zone where most of the blemishes appear and the red mask (with rose flower water) to the rest of the face where we want a deeply hydrating mask. What a brilliant idea!On the complete opposite end of the price spectrum for face masks you’ll find this stunning and decadent Oribe Gold Envy Luminous Face Mask which contains actual gold! The mask is designed to moisturise and brighten the skin which it hopes to achieve by having peptides deliver real gold particles to create an immediate ethereal glow to the skin. Other ingredients consist of edelweiss flower, evening primrose and sweet almond oil. Additionally caviar lime gently exfoliates and conditioning humectant improves the water-binding capability of the skin. I tried the mask for the first time the other day and my first reaction was that it makes me look like Rumpelstiltskin from the TV series Once. 😉 Apart from that though I found it to be very soothing and comforting as it felt nicely warm on the skin. It’s definitely a great addition to a winter skin friendly routine.Recently I got to go to a Clarins event in Zurich where as you can see they served some delicious cotton candy. Additionally I got to try out two of their amazing spa treatments which you can find here. It’s the perfect thing for your skin if you every now and then treat it to a well deserved treatment especially during these hectic times. If you however can’t find the time Clarins has you covered with some at home masks as well.  Clarins has created three SOS face masks which are called SOS Hydra, SOS Pure and SOS Comfort each of which focuses on a specific skin care issue. SOS Hydra will give your skin an extra hydration boost and restore your skin to its beautiful and radiant complexion. SOS Pure is designed for oily skin which tends to break out in unexpected and unfortunate moments. SOS Comfort is for those of you who tend to get irritated skin which needs calming, nourishing and extra hydration. All three masks feel amazing and do their job excellently. I especially like to apply them with the Clarins Face Mask Applicator. If you get really dry feet and hands like me then be sure to also give the Foot Beauty Treatment Cream and the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream a try. Now that your face looks all refreshed and renewed make sure to also always take good care of your pearly whites. For this Candida has released their newest toothpaste called Candida White Optic which promises an instant white effect. Immediately after one toothbrushing the teeth should look whiter due to the ingredients blue spectrum and hydroxylapatit crystals. I like to use a whitening toothpaste like this in addition to bleaching my teeth regularly so the results last longer. Lastly it is vital to look after your hands as they are the first to tell the true age of a person. I find it very important to use a gentle hand wash and apply a good handcreme multiple times a day. I just discovered a new brand called Village Cosmetics which creates amazing and high quality body care products such as this gorgeous Handwash with the scent Bergamot & Rosemary. This hand wash contains ethereal oils and hydrates the skin additionally. I like to combine this product with the Zartgefühl Love & Kisses Hand Balm. It’s a super creamy and deliciously scented hand balm. The only down side is that it doesn’t sink in very quickly so I like to save it for when I go to bed.If you’re looking for a hand creme which sinks in a little faster I’d recommend one of the three I Am Handcremes which you can get in the scents Lemongrass & Ginger, Lavender & Rosemary and Intensive. They are a nourishing karité option and contain 10% shea butter for optimal hydration. Additionally they also contain ethereal oils, vitamin E and provitamin B5. My favourite out of the three is definitely the Lavender & Rosemary scented one.

How do you take care of your skin in winter?






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