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Guhl Tiefenaufbau 2 smallHappy Birthday Guhl! 🙂 70 years ago Gustav Guhl founded a new brand which creates products for every type of hair and which is called GUHL. Their products have in these 70 years kept but also developed their high quality standard and simple but elegant design. Guhl’s products are packed with pure and natural ingredients which combined with delicious scents and smooth textures make them unique. In January 2016 they had a massive relaunch during which they added even more high quality ingredients to their hair care products. Guhl also tweaked the design and labels to give it a new and fresh look.

Today I am going to present to you their Tiefen Aufbau (deep buildup) shampoo and conditioner. Each of their product lines has a different main ingredient which you can always clearly spot on the label. Monoi oil and the innovative Keratin³Complex are the key components of the Tiefen Aufbau line. These ingredients regenerate damaged hair, strengthens the hair fibres and protects from future impairment. The line includes an intensive spray hair mask, the intensive repair mask, a one minute intensive repair concentrate, grafting hair oil as well as the shampoo and conditioner that I have tried.

First of all I really like their simple but gorgeous design and especially the glossy, rosy pink color of this line! As you might have guessed I am a huge fan of anything pink. 🙂 Both products smell divine and also the texture is smooth and creamy. The shampoo foams up nicely and all in all the feeling of these two hair care products is great. Because I have curls I am always on the lookout for a conditioner that makes it easier to comb the hair afterwards and that also reduces frizz. In both cases I was far from disappointed. When I now comb my hair directly after washing them it doesn’t feel as though I am tugging and damaging them. After a few applications there was a noticeable difference in the strength and health of my hair which especially astounded me because I have just freshly died them and my hair is typically rather damaged, dry and flat after chemically treating them. The new Guhl shampoo and conditioner have certainly passed my test outstandingly!
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What do you think about Guhl’s new design?


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