Cuccio Naturalé Butter Blend

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Hi guys! 🙂
A few months ago I stumbled upon this awesome brand called Cuccio Naturalé. The brand on the one hand has a huge collection of nailpolishes (which I will be making a page about soon 🙂 ) but also has some skin care products such as the body butter I want to show you today.

The butter comes in a huge variety of scents which range from rich Milk & Honey over the classic Coconut or Vanilla to tangy Tuscan Citrus & Herb. I am always a huge fan of scented body butter because I love it when the delicious scent lingers on my skin for a few hours. It also usually isn’t as overwhelming as perfume can tend to be.

Cuccio all 1 small

As I mentioned before they have a huge variety of scents which I will list below.
Milk & Honey
Vanilla Bean & Sugar
Coconut & White Ginger
Pomegranate & Fig
Papaya & Guava
Lemongrass & Lavender
Tuscan Citrus & Herb
White Limetta & Aloe Vera

You can apply the hydrating butter blend to your hands, feet & body. The consitency is creamy and goes onto the skin smoothly. The butter feels hydrating without being greasy and sinks in fairly quickly so you can put on your clothes with out getting them oily. These cute and delicious butters by Cuccio Naturalé are definitely a new favourite especially for the cold winter months. You can buy them here.

What are your go to winter body butters?


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