L’Occitane & Bi-Oil Review

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Today I decided to write a post about using oils for treating the skin. Up until recently I have never used oil in my skin care routine, then I discovered the L’Occitane En Provence Huile Confort Visage and Bi-Oil. I am very impressed with the results and would like to share my new discoveries with you.

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I often heard of Bi-Oil but never quite believed that it could really reduce scars, stretch marks and dry skin. There are so many products out there promising amazing results without having to undergo laser treatment but most end up being a huge (and expensive!) disappointment. So I started using Bi-Oil with mixed feelings. The oil itself as a rose colour and has a subtle but delicious warm scent. Before I apply it I heat it slightly between the palms of my hands. Applying the oil feels very nice, soft and not to greasy as I would have expected. After applying it also doesn’t take too long till it has sunken in and you can slip back into your clothes. One thing I really like about Bi-Oil is that you are allowed to use it in your face as well as your body.
I was able to use Bi-Oil over the course of a few weeks and hence was able to see (to my astonishment) great results. I noticed visible reduction of scars and my elbows which used to be very dry are a lot softer. It’s just important to massage Bi-Oil in first thing after you get out of the shower so that it has enough time to sink in and so it doesn’t mess up your clothes. All in all I am extremely impressed and would definitely recommend it!

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The second oil I want to write about is the L’Occitane En Provence Huile Confort Visage which is ideal for normal to very dry skin. This oil is a natural way of regenerating and strengthening the skin on your face and neck. The main ingredients are shea oil which is highly  nourishing and marula oil which has an anti oxidative effect. To apply it I again warm a few drops of the oil in my hands and gently massage it onto my face and décolleté. The oil feels like a luxurious and expensive spa treatment. It’s amazing! So whether you use it in the morning as a moisturiser or in the evening before you go to bed it will always not only treat your skin but also relax you. I am a huge fan of the Huile Confort and am glad that I got over my prejudice about face and body oils being greasy.

Please let me know what your experiences are with skin care oils.


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    1. Callia ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Hi Jodie,
      Yeah, I was really amazed at how well they work! I thought I would never get rid of the scars and stretch marks.

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