5 Essentials for on the Beach


Although the last few days haven’t been screaming “Beach-time” I have put together a list of five of my “Day at the Beach” essentials. Especially in regards to the Summer holidays which are coming up soon I wanted to talk about my favourite Summer beauty products. This year I will be spending six weeks in Australia so make sure to stay tuned for some travel posts. Of course I will still be posting about beauty too! But enough talk about the holidays. Let’s begin with my beach essentials. Coola Small

1) Sunscreen of course has to be at the top of the list. I recently discovered the brand Coola. It was love at first sun ray. 🙂 Coola sunscreens represent the California Lifestyle. All formulas are 70% or more organic and they provide Broad Spectrum, UVA and UVB protection. There also is one formula for every skin type and activity level.
I got to try Coola Classic Sport Face SPF50 which is ideal for sensitive skin and is also water resistant for 80 minutes. The formula features an invigorating natural White Tea scent. Organic Evening Primrose and Linseed Oils reduce inflammation, even skin tone and balance moisture whilst many more natural ingredients provide hydration, rejuvenate weathered skin and deliver antioxidants.
I also tried the Coola Spray Sport SPF50 Travel Size with the scent Guava Mango. This spray nourishes and hydrates the skin with organic ingredients like Cucumber, Algae and Strawberry extracts. It is also water resistant for 80 minutes.
Lastly I got the Body SPF30 Sunscreen Spray in Tropical Coconut and in Fresh Cucumber. The composition of these two sprays is similar to the one of the Guava Mango Sport Spray with the main difference being the scents and the SPF30.
After trying all four sunscreens I must say that they all smell divine and feel amazing on the skin. I especially love the sprays because it’s so easy and fun to apply them and it also isn’t a chore anymore to reapply. As I said before the scent is so good that I actually don’t wear a perfume when I put on a Coola sunscreen. About a week ago we had a really hot day and I was in the sun for about four hours and with the Coola Sport SPF50 I didn’t burn at all, so all I can say is “Happy Sun blocking”!

Daniel Wellington

2) Speaking of sun, I also always like to have a watch with me to know when I need to turn while tanning. My favourite brand of watches at the moment is Daniel Wellington. In the left image above I am wearing their Classic Winchester 36mm and in the right image I switched the Classic Winchester Wristband for the Classic St Mawes Wristband. It is very easy to swap between wristbands as you can see in the video below.

On the Daniel Wellington Website (www.danielwellington.com) all my readers currently (until 30th June 2016) get a 15% discount with the promotion code DIAMANTS and Daniel Wellington also has a summer campaign at the moment where you get a free second wristband when you buy a watch.
So what are you waiting for? 🙂

Got2Be Small

3) Perfect is out, messy is in! That’s the Summer motto for hair in 2016 and I love it. Got2b by Schwarzkopf has a new line which is called Made4Mess. Especially for a relaxed day on the beach I can’t be bothered with spending hours on creating precise locks and meticulously styled hair. With the texturizing Hairspray and Putty you can mold your hair without it going all sticky. I love using the two products but especially the hairspray for the just-out-of-bed look and the putty I’ve also found great for that sleek pulled back look which is so simple yet stunning. The first thing I noticed when I used them is that they smell very fresh, invigorating and fruity. When I used them they were very light and didn’t weigh the hair down or make it sticky. Both products are great to have in store and to give your beach look the final touch.

Shoes4) All we’ve talked about is beauty products and watches but what about shoes, sunglasses and a stylish hat? One of my favourites for this year is a pair of Gioseppo shoes. The pair in the image above I bought on Zalando last year. I love that they have a little heal whilst still supporting the ankles with the ribbons. Another one is the classic panama hat that my father gave me for Christmas a year ago. Last but no least a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses can’t be left out on a hot Summer day.

Hauschka Small

5) Every now and then everyone needs a refreshment on a hot day. That’s where Dr. Hauschka comes in with their refreshing Summer products. The travel sized Facial Toner is great to have ready in your handbag. With its spray nozzle it’s perfect for on the go. The rosemary oil and borage in the Revitalising Leg & Arm Tonic which stored in the fridge is just right for spraying on your legs and arms with the separate spray nozzle. I always use it when I’m sunbathing and need a quick cool down and don’t feel like hopping in the water. The very last product is one of the most important ones. It’s the After Sun body lotion which nourishes the skin and hydrates it with ice plant extract. I always use an after sun lotion because I find it super important to take care of your skin especially after it’s been exposed to heat, salt water and sand.
With that being said, I wish you a wonderful day at the beach!

What are your beach essentials?


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