5 Best Lipsticks for Spring 2017 from Parfumcity.ch

ProductsThe first thing I saw when I opened my eyes this morning was the tree right outside my bedroom covered in delicate pink blossoms. I read that as the official start of spring and as permission to dig through my closet and put on my favourite flowing pale blue dress. To match my floral azure outfit I certainly needed a colourful spring lipstick which inspired me to write this post about my favourite five spring lipstick colours for 2017. I got to choose these ravishing shades from the Swiss online shop Parfumcity.ch which doesn’t only sell beautiful lipsticks but anything your heart may desire from the world of beauty.
Max Factor PortraitI don’t usually go for a subtle and glossy look. I am more the bold matte lip type. For that reason I was surprised at how much I liked the Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in the shade Pearl Maron 36. As you can see in the image above this old rose shade is ideal for a natural and subtle look. It’s got a sweet pearl shine to it which makes those lips look extra lush and kissable.
Max FactorThe texture is quite creamy and smooth which means that it doesn’t only look good but also hydrates the lips. I’d say that this lip colour is on the sheer end of the scale with a slightly glossy finish.
Maybelline PortraitFor those of you out there who are more into a daring lip which will make you stand out in a crowd should definitely give Maybelline’s Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid in the shade 15 Electric Pink a go. I’m someone who you’ll rarely see wearing anything but black which is why I can’t cope without bold colours like this electric pink to make my look pop.
MaybellineConsidering that this is a matte and highly opaque lipstick I must say that it’s quite creamy and feels very nice on the lips. Most matte liquid lipsticks dry out the lips in an instant but Maybelline did a very nice job with this formula. As a little bonus I have got to mention that this baby smells divine too! Rimmel PortraitAnother one for the bold is Rimmel London’s The Only 1 in the shade 810 The Matte Factor. The name says it all. This plum coloured beauty is super matte and opaque and I find it also has an impressive plumping effect. RimmelWhat I like most about matte lipsticks besides the visual effect is their longevity and Rimmel London’s is no exception. Unfortunately the better the longevity the more drying they are. I have to say though that for a matte it’s not unbearably drying but I would still recommend hydrating your lips with a good lip balm prior to applying The Matte Factor. Astor PortraitWith Astor’s Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter we’re headed back towards a more subtle spring lip. The shade 019 Plump It is also a plum colour but a lot more gentle and lush. A little trick I’ve learned is that all lipstick colour that have a blue undertone such as this lipstick make your teeth look whiter. Just a nice little bonus. 🙂
AstorWith butter in it’s name you’d expect it too be very hydrating and this lipstick does not disappoint. Due to it’s creamy nature it unfortunately doesn’t last very long though. That’s the price you pay for a nourishing product.Loreal PortraitThe last but certainly not least lipstick that I recommend for a colourful spring look is L’Oréal Paris’ Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in the shade 187 Infinite Fuchsia. As you may have realised by now I am loving the plum shades for spring 2017 because I find them to be a bold statement whilst not being too overwhelming. Especially the more sheer and glossier versions are still quite light and playful which is what makes spring so much fun!
LorealWet Shine Stain describes this lipstick’s texture perfectly. It feels super light yet it has a lustrous plumping effect due to the high wet shine.

With that I’ve completed my list of favourite spring lipsticks for 2017. All of which you can buy from the online shop Parfumcity.ch. Be sure to also check out their huge range of beauty products!


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